It's recording day! Time to work through Ryan Holiday's latest book, Discipline Is Destiny.

We have a quality book to discuss today. It would be great to see you in the chat!

In my constant search for quality internet service at my house, I'm now exploring the start of my own WISP. This is likely a bad idea, but an interesting adventure nonetheless. 🤓

Started looking into the Notion API today. The way they have the system structured means it's both simple and complicated. Simple to use. Complicated to understand the structure required to get who you want.

I must admit that not being able to fill the prescription for my ADHD meds is less than fun. I guess it’s time to try some alternatives until supply chain catches up. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Want to hide a file on your Mac? Start the name of the file/folder with a period and use the hotkey "command shift period" to show/hide those files. 👍

If you've ever wondered about my "behind the scenes" life, this is about as wide open as it gets. Includes my wife, Becky, sharing her perspective.

I kinda wish there was an Apple Watch Lite. Just a band that does all the tracking and such. No screen. I would buy that.

Always on display. That's interesting. I would either love it or hate it. Might depend on how it handles notifications. I have habits built around checking my phone screen occasionally for alerts as opposed to vibrations or sounds.

"Dynamic island" That's a clever way to name it. Definitely not a punch out.

Maybe it's finally time to replace my old AirPods Gen 1. 👍

Here's a question. How does the Apple Watch hold up in construction scenarios? I'm regularly in scenarios where my current watch ($15) gets banged against metal or rubbed against wood framing and such. Would it survive?

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